About Us

Reefaz Aquaculture specialises in live coral cultivation for saltwater aquariums. Our coral farm provides a self-sustaining source of captive grown premium Australian corals. We are committed to the sustainable supply of aquaculture corals propagated in our facility.

Our computer automated coral holding systems are designed and maintained to the highest standards ensuring the long-term health of our rare high quality coral mother colonies. Propagated fragments from our mother colonies are grown out in our coral nursery for supply to the aquarium industry.


Reefaz Aquaculture supplies hardy, fully coloured coral frags grown in the same conditions as hobbyist’s tanks, using artificial saltwater and lighting. We grow mini-colonies for bigger tanks.

Reefaz Aquaculture produces generations of captive raised corals without any impact on our fragile ocean reefs.

Rare and unique corals for astute aquaculture collectors